in your head

June 4, 2017

Every human being is born a sinner, a citizen of Satan’s domain, and is brainwashed to think according to Satan’s cosmic system from birth. Despite the presence of many true and accurate concepts, the overall orientation of our thinking from birth is based on arrogance. Thus, the Bible classifies the thinking of every human being from birth as demonic—not a complementary picture. For this reason, a transformation of the believer’s thinking on the basis of detailed and extensive Bible teaching is a high priority. We must completely scrap our old mind set and way of thinking, not just exchange a few pieces of wrong data for a few pieces of correct information.

We must renovate our entire frame of reference according to God’s revealed Word. Romans 12:2 is not calling for simply learning Bible stories and biblical standards; it is calling for a radical overhaul of how we think as well as what we think.

Unless you are actively examining every thought, if you put your brain on autopilot you are still falling for Satan’s schemes.

Nobody ever said being a Christian was easy.

God bless from


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