August 6, 2017

christ on cross


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  1. It takes away the guilt of sin. It frees us from all liability and punishment for past offences. Sin deserves punishment. Salvation takes this all away. Is it not glorious to be saved?


  1. Salvation saves us from the wrath of God. God hates evil and must punish it somehow. The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all unrighteousness of men. But from this salvation delivers us.


  1. Salvation delivers us from the curse of the law. We can recall the terrors of its revealing, the lightnings and thunder that surrounded the mountain, and the terror of Israel before it was given at all. They could not bear that God should speak to them thus, and they entreated Moses, “Speak thou with us and we will hear; but let not God speak with us, lest we die.” But if the giving of the law was terrible, more terrible was the breaking. It is perilous to break the law of the land. So the cordon of law tightens around the sinner who is under its power. Salvation delivers us from this curse through Him who was made a curse for us.


  1. It delivers us also from our evil conscience. There is always a shadow left on our hearts by sin, and a feeling of remorse. It is the black wing of the raven, and its hoarse voice is ever whispering of despair. The memory of past guilt will follow people so that after many years they tell of crimes committed, the punishment for which they escaped, but the burden never left their conscience. Sometimes it seemed to slumber for a while, and at last it sprang upon them like a lion. Salvation delivers from our evil conscience. It takes the shadow from the heart and the stinging memory of sin from the soul.


  1. It delivers from an evil heart, which is the source of all the sin in the life. It is natural for men to sin even while they hate it. The tendency to evil is in every nature, chained to it like a body of death, so that when we would do good evil is present with us. It takes possession of the will and heart like a living death. It is offensive, it smells of the grave, it is full of the poison of asps, it putrefies the whole moral being and bears it, too, down to death. Salvation frees us from its power and gives us a new nature.


  1. It frees us from the fear of death. It takes away the sting of that last enemy, through fear of whom we would otherwise all our lifetime be subject to bondage. I remember when I was a child what a shock a funeral bell would give me. I could not bear to hear of some one being dead. The love of Christ has taken this all away. The death-bed of God’s children is to them the portal of heaven.


  1. Salvation delivers us from Satan’s power and kingdom. God hath “delivered us from the power of darkness and translated us into the kingdom of His dear Son.” We are saved from the ills and the serpent and the bonds of sin, and the devil is for us a conquered foe. Salvation delivers us from much sorrow and distress in life. It brings a glorious sunlight into the life and drives away those clouds of depression and gloom which overwhelm us.


  1. Beyond all else, salvation delivers us from eternal death. We are not going down into outer darkness and the depths of woe. Christ has unlocked the fetters of the pit and saved us from endless death. We are delivered from that terrible agony which the kindest lips that ever spoke has called “the worm that dieth not and the fire that is not quenched.”



It brings the forgiveness of all our sins and entirely removes them. They are blotted out as completely as though we had paid all that was due for them, and they can never appear against us again.


  1. It brings us justification in the sight of God, so that we stand before Him as righteous beings. We are accepted as though we had done everything He had commanded, and had perfectly kept the law in every particular. With one stroke of the pen He erases the account that was against us; with another stroke He puts there all the righteousness of Christ. We must take both sides of this. The spotlessness of Jesus is put to your account as if it were your own. All His obedience to the Father is yours. All His patience and gentleness are yours. Every service that He has rendered to bless others is put to your account as if you had done it all. Every good thing you can discover in Him is yours, and every evil thing in you is His. That is salvation. Is it not wonderful?


  1. It brings us into the favor and love of God, and secures us full acceptance in the person of Jesus. He loves us as He loves His only begotten Son. The moment we are presented in the arms of Christ, we are accepted in Him.


Imagine walking into Heaven and introducing yourself, “I’m ____________. surely you’ve read my books, or heard my sermons?” and all the angels say, “no we’ve not heard your name.” Then you see the bible saints, Moses and Aaron, Noah and David, again you put out your hand and say, “I’m so glad to finally meet you, you have ringed the pages of many of my sermons, your name is on my lips as much as my children, I’m _________.”  and again, the reply “no we know you not.” Then you see great historic visages, Abe Lincoln, General Grant, Andrew Jackson, Dr. King and again they no not your name. Maybe at that moment doubt clouds your mind and you wonder should I be here? Does any one in heaven know me, where is my sainted grandmother and Aunt, where is my Great Grandmother who prayed her life so earnestly for me when I was so far away? Suddenly there was One at your side with a crown of thorns upon His head, who said: “Father, I know him. I will answer for him.” And instantly all the harps of heaven began to sing: “Worthy is the Lamb that was slain,” and he was ushered into all the glory of the celestial world. Not all the preaching we have

Suddenly there was One at your side with a crown of thorns upon His head, who said: “Father, I know him. I will answer for him.” And instantly all the harps of heaven began to sing: “Worthy is the Lamb that was slain,” and he was ushered into all the glory of the celestial world. Not all the preaching we have done or all the service we have rendered will amount to anything there. We must be identified with the Man who wore the thorns; we must be accepted in the Beloved, and then the Father will love us even as He loves His Son. We shall stand with Him even as Christ does.


  1. Salvation gives us a new heart. It brings to us regeneration of the soul. Every spark of life from the old polluted nature is worthless, and the divine nature is born in us as a part of our very being.


  1. Salvation gives us grace to live day by day. A man may be pardoned and so get out of prison, and yet have no money to supply his needs. He is pardoned, yet he is starving. Salvation takes us out of prison, and provides for all our needs besides. It enables us to rejoice in the glory of God, which is “able to keep us from falling, and to present us faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy.”


  1. It brings to us the help of the Holy Spirit, who is ever at our side as a gentle mother, helping our infirmities and bringing grace for every time of need.


  1. It brings to us the care of God’s providence, causing all things, to work together for our good. This is never true until we are saved; but when we are the children of God all things in earth and in heaven are on our side.


  1. Salvation opens the way for all the blessings that follow it. It is the steppingstone to sanctification and healing, and the peace that passeth understanding. From this first gateway the prospect opens out boundlessly to all the good land we may go on to possess.


  1. Salvation brings to us eternal life. It is, of course, only the beginning, but the heavenly, land has its portals open even here, and when we at last reach the throne and look out and see all the possibilities that yet lie before us, we shall sing with the ransomed, “Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb.”

Hopefully it has not been to long since you’ve had communion with Him, either in prayer or thought, song or bible verse, that we would not neglect so great a salvation.

Blessings from scumlikeuschurch@gmail.com


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