the power of 3

August 21, 2017

What if I told you I know the secret to joy, happiness and success?

Some would scoff, others would doubt. But a few would think, “hey, it might be possible.”

Look how many people write books, or blog or have their own TV shows. Surely, they must know the secret. Well here’s the problem; you must define what joy, happiness and success really mean.

Since we believe in God and His Holy Word, we know the answers or parameters should come from there.

Of the three God only promises Joy.

Happiness and success are not biblical promises but they can be a byproduct of us having joy.

So here’s the secret, commit to God that you want to be pleasing to Him in three areas, how you think, how you feel and what choices you make each day.

If those three items are Spirit controlled, then you will have joy, and you’ll feel happier and life will turn out to be truly successful (biblically successful not Joel Osteen successful) and not tied to possessions or health or to another person.

So start with this; any sin you keep confessing over and over, even though you’re not committing or repeating the act. STOP, CONFESSING. That is false guilt, fear and failure to trust and believe you are forgiven. If there are consequences to this act/sin you did commit, accept the consequences, stop hiding them, which causes more guilt and take your lumps. You can be forgiven and still have fallout from what you did.

If most people would start with that one truth, the burden of guilt would lift as you move on. Remember there is no biblical stand on forgiving yourself, just you ACCEPTING God’s forgiveness.

So no secret knowledge, no $19.95 for the book limited to the first 100 callers, just peace and that wasn’t even in the list, so a freebie.

Ask God to help with your thinking, your feelings and your choices. Your life will change right now, literally just by knowing that.

Blessings from


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