September 12, 2021

Dear Pastor, do I tell my boyfriend I’m not a virgin? I am 15 years old, and he is asking me.

I remember when the question most commonly asked was, “pastor, I’m a virgin and my boyfriend is pressing me to have sex what do I do”?

The times have really changed when at the age of 15 or much younger girls are no longer virgins.

Now in counseling I’ve had children referred to me as young as nine years old that were pregnant. We had a case in a nearby city where two 5 year old boys tied up and raped a four year old girl because of the pornography the father had in the house.

Put getting back to the question from this 15 year old girl about her boyfriend pestering her about the status of her virginity. I hate to say something like this but it’s a truth I’ve seen happen too many times if she says she’s not a virgin he will drop her because he’s what I classify as the teen predator or a virgin trophy hunter, he only wants to go to bed with virgin girls so he can boast about the fact that he’s the one that popped their cherry. A truly sad state of affairs.

But being also optimistic I’d like to run another possibility, that this young man is asking because he is himself a virgin and is afraid of his lack of experience and doing something wrong or awkward.

It’s also remotely possible that this young man is asking the question because she could be a possible future candidate for a wife and maybe he saved himself and his virginity and is asking to see if she qualifies as a possible godly mate for the future.

Whatever the case it is so sad a reality that Hollywood and all the social media slather on everything about sex. It is not even subtle anymore. I am shocked when I am at a church members house and they are letting their children watch the most prurient shows.

And you know I am not a prude, when part of my job is that of a sexual dysfunctional counselor and sex offender counselor. But we need to protect our children. And now with all the liberal nut jobs promoting the most ridiculous gender bending crap.

The one that blows me out of the water is the text book found in an elementary school that showed a drawing of parents standing over the crib of a 6 month old baby and the parents are saying what a good looking boy he is and the baby is saying to ‘itself’ “ oh, you have it wrong I’m really a baby girl.”

It is Romans chapter one, mankind with out God.

Again, downsize your home, home school your kid, it is the only way they are going to even have a chance in this satanic led world.

God bless from

Remember Caliste Burt in prayer, still no change to the 2 brain tumors, which is good news.

Keep praying for Steve H, bless his studies, encouragement, vim and vigor, pray for healing of his wife’s knees, chronic pain.

Pray for Anne, they have found a tumor behind her tonsils and are thinking about ways to treat it. Tuesday she goes in for testing.

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