September 15, 2021

I’m So Tired, I want To Get Home

by E.M. Bartlett

1922, Stamps Baxter music

  1. 34 in Favorite Songs and Hymns

1 I am on my way to the land of day, I am going there I know,

I have journeyed long in this pilgrim way, I have suffered here below,

Now my time has come to enter in, Soon on earth no more I’ll roam,

I have come so far on this gospel road, I’m so tired, I want to get home.


I’m so tired, I want to get home, To that land of rest and peace,

Where I’ll live with loved ones forever more, ‘Mid the joys that never cease;

I have come so far on this gospel road That I long for Heaven’s dome,

I have borne these years, such a heavy load, I’m so tired I want to get home.


2 Long has been my stay and my work for God, He has blest me in the way,

He has kept me straight in the narrow road, Has been with me ev’ry day;

Now my voice to me is sweet indeed As He calls for me to come,

I am ready, waiting to leave this world, I’m so tired, I want to get home.


3 I have fought the fight, I have kept the faith, And my course is finished now,

This tired soul of mine longs for rest, sweet rest, To His will I can but bow;

Jesus calls for me and I must go, Soon I’ll land in Heaven’s dome,

These tired feet of mine will find sweet relief, I’m so tired, I want to get home.

Weariness, it is the curse of those in the ministry, first responders, nurses and doctors. Who refreshes us?

We hear a lot today about stress and burnout, especially in ministry. It’s a complex problem that includes many factors that I cannot delve into in this message. Sometimes burnout stems from faulty time management or from being over-committed. Sometimes it results from trying to do it all yourself and not delegating properly. Our text does not deal with these aspects of the problem, nor will I. But it does give us two principles that offer significant help in preventing spiritual burnout:

The work that God gives us is to be His lampstand, both corporately and individually. The only way that we can fulfill that task is by depending on the continual supply of the oil of God’s Spirit. In that way, we will burn for God without burning out.

Zechariah’s fourth vision (chapter 3) encouraged Joshua the high priest with the message: “God will cleanse His chosen people through Messiah and use them to serve Him.” His fifth vision (chapter 4) encouraged Zerubbabel, the civic leader, with the message: “The temple that you have begun will be completed and My people will become a light unto the nations under Messiah. This will not be accomplished by human effort, but by My Spirit.” In the fourth vision we saw the cleansing that is necessary before anyone can serve God. In the fifth vision we see the testimony that results from a cleansed and Spirit-filled life. While our text will ultimately be fulfilled with Israel in the Millennium, it also applied to God’s people in Zechariah’s day and it applies to us as we seek to be God’s light to the nations.

Zechariah saw a lampstand of gold with seven lamps and a bowl at the top, which served as a reservoir for the oil. Two olive trees, each with a branch, stood beside the lampstand. A golden pipe extended from each branch to the bowl so that the golden olive oil poured from the tree. Out of the reservoir or bowl (according to most commentators) came 49 spouts or pipes, seven to each of seven lamps on the lampstand. This lampstand was similar to the one that stood in the holy place of the tabernacle, with three exceptions: (1) the bowl on top of it; (2) the seven pipes to each lamp; and, (3) the two olive trees. These additions point to the abundant, continual supply of oil to the lamps. In the temple, the priests had to keep the lamps full of oil, but in this vision, the supply of oil flowed constantly without help from any man.

The lampstand signifies the important task that God gives to His people to be a light to the nations, to reveal God and His truth to those who walk in darkness. The oil that flows in continual abundant supply so that the lamps can go on burning symbolizes the Holy Spirit. The two olive trees represent the priestly and kingly offices in Israel, with the two branches being Joshua and Zerubbabel. Together these two anointed ones were a type of the Lord Jesus Christ in His offices of Priest and King. Jesus is God’s Anointed One (that’s what “Messiah” or “Christ” means), who provides the Holy Spirit in abundant supply to His people.

The Lord encourages Zerubbabel (4:7-9) by assuring him that in spite of the mountain of problems in rebuilding the temple, he would finish the task. This would confirm to all of God’s people that He had sent His Messiah-Servant (“me” in 4:9b), in the person of the angel of the Lord, to His people. The old timers, who were disparaging this temple in comparison to the former one, should not despise the day of small things (4:10). Under God’s perfect providence (the seven eyes of the Lord, which range over the earth to watch over His people), the project will be completed.

We tend to burn out when we lose motivation, and we lose motivation when we lose perspective on the importance of the work to which God has called His people. That work involves being God’s lampstand to the world (see Rev. 1:12-20). It involves building God’s temple where His light shines forth. The world ought to see Christ, the light of the world, both in Christians individually and in the church corporately.

We burn out when we run out.

The oil of God, the anointing work of the Holy Spirit, being filled with the Spirit.

  1. Vernon McGee said it best, “sin will keep you from your bible and the bible will keep you from sin.”

I have a weird collection of antique yard sticks (rulers). Every hardware store in the nation had a yard stick with advertisements on them. Portable billboards.

Keeping a constant awareness of how full we are keeps us from burnout. An honest assessment, do we do devotions, do we do bible study, do we go to church, do we give generously to God, do we witness. Each one of those statements could have been a question. They are all increments of our spiritual life.

To me witnessing is the touchstone of all measurements. If you are full of the Holy Spirit, your mind filled with bible verses, an active and vibrant relationship with your Savior, then you will be overflowing with encouragement, and you cannot help but be witness to Christ.

One task of being a minister that I sincerely disliked was doing funerals for strangers. I did not do them often but occasionally it would happen. I had a family I did not know, who said they attended my church years before I came there, said their grandfather died and here was $200 to preach him into heaven.

You know you are in trouble when you have the mourners passing by saying things like; “did you know he was a Christian?”

So is your cup running over or is it half full or completely dried up?

God bless from scumlikeuschurch@gmail.com

Pray for salvation for Anne, Drew, Oscar, Cristina, Tara, Lauren, Cheyenne, Nicole, Tavon, Philip, Lubbock, James, Hunter, Garrett.

Pray for Caliste Burt, 4 brain tumors, 2 removed, 2 inoperable, for the first time in 5 years she is not smiling and unwillingly to talk about what is happening. Think about how well you would be doing with a time bomb in your brain.

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  1. steveknife said

    Praying for all. Victory in Jesus always a favorite

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