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I wish I could only show to everyone the unfathomable sweetness of the will of God. Heaven is a place of infinite bliss because His will is perfectly done there, and our lives share in this bliss just in proportion as His will is perfectly done in them. He loves us, loves us, and the will of love is always blessing for its loved one. Some of us know what it is to love, and we know that could we only have our way, our beloved ones would be overwhelmed with blessings.

All that is good, and sweet, and lovely in life would be poured out upon them from our lavish hands, had we but the power to carry out our will for them. And if this is the way of love with us, how much more must it be so with our God, who is love itself. Could we but for one moment get a glimpse into the mighty depths of His love, our hearts would spring out to meet His will, and embrace it as our richest treasure; and we would abandon ourselves to it with an enthusiasm of gratitude and joy, that such a wondrous privilege could be ours.

It never ceases to amaze me that a good number of Christians do not feel this way about God.

It may be that their relationship with their earthly father was so toxic they cannot conceive a heavenly father that would bless them.

Jim Lewis, the man that led me to the Lord, asked me at the very beginning of his witnessing what was my relationship to my father. When I said not good, he immediately began to tell me why God the Father was infinitely different and infinitely better. I believed it really helped me a great deal.

So, next time you’re talking to someone about our heavenly Father, it might make a difference talking about the difference.

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Remember Caliste, in your prayers, she goes in for her every other month MRI.

Pray for Todd, needs a job

Remember Bill Warneke in prayer, chronic neck pain.

Anne T, is doing better and says thanks for the prayers.

Salvation prayers, Cristina and Oscar, Mona R, Norma Perales and family.

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