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“Therefore will the Lord wait, that He may be gracious unto you” (Isa. 30:18).

  Waiting upon the Father is not a matter of longsuffering, but of expectant faith—quiet, restful, confident dependence upon One who is fully trusted. Often the God of circumstances must teach this waiting by placing us in situations that offer no other alternative.

When the testing comes, does our faith prove true? Does our confidence in the Father become shaken and our hope prove uncertain? When the clouds have gathered and the thunder rolls and the lightning stabs the darkness and the roar of the storm is in our ears, can we keep our eyes and thoughts off the tempest and continue in the quiet and peace of the Father’s presence?

When the enemy of right and wrong has thrown down the gauntlet and is trampling ruthlessly upon that which affects the honor of our Lord, and when he seems about to bring ruin upon that which our Father has purposed, can we refrain from rushing in to strive with him, and wait for Him ‘in quietness and confidence,’ with a true sense both of our weakness and of His faithfulness and strength? When we have no word from the Lord except to wait and everything seems to be at a standstill, does the certainty of hope remain undimmed?

When you are in faith you will find that the Lord Jesus does not remove the pressure from off you until you are asleep in it, until you are able to take it quietly. You learn His grace first, and then His mercy.

Faith possesses all things, and hope stretches on to the fulness of the possession, yet in no restless mood, for patience sits by the side of hope in the believer’s soul, and teaches him to wait for the glory of his Father. ‘If we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it.’ (Rom. 8:25).

  “I waited patiently for the Lord, and He inclined unto me” (Ps. 40:11)

Our calendar and God’s calendar never quite match up.

God bless from

Remember Bill Warneke in prayer, severe neck pain, chronic depression, the beginnings of Parkinson’s and extreme denial.

Pray for Little Danny, 5 year old with Leukemia, the most optimistic kid you’ll ever meet.

Baby Eli is doing much better.

Remember our salvation list. Cristina B and her husband Oscar. Barbara D and Mona R. Norma Perales and her husband Rick and her adult son Rick Jr.

Pray for Danny F, a prodigal who needs to come back to the Lord. After his divorce he went a little nuts.

Remember Steve H, strength and encouragement.

Please continue to pray for my wife Sharon that her back problems will get better without surgery.

Pray for Aueekea, just met her, she’s from Hawaii, she is one step from homeless, a victim mentality that’s going to get her hurt and very codependent.


To all the patient readers, doing this short series on “The Jesus Narrative” has been a personal blessing and for those that have ‘waded’ through thank you, we only have 2 more to go after this devotion and we will return to a shorter format. In this hurry up world it has been hard to find the time to post these and for those that have kept steady I hope this has been a light for you on the precious Son of God.

The Bible has hundreds of references to light and darkness. God’s first recorded words were Let there be light. God is Light. Satan is the prince of darkness. Sin is hidden by darkness and exposed by light. We were born in darkness and born again into light. The contrasts are sharp, unmixed, with no shadows. Light is good, darkness is evil. We must have light to live. Today’s lesson is about two kinds of darkness—physical and spiritual. Of the two the worst is spiritual darkness.

Jesus and His disciples had just celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles which celebrated their years in the wilderness. One of the features of this celebration was the lighting of giant lamps in the women’s court of the temple enclosure. The people sang and danced before the Lord as they remembered that He was their Light in the pillar of cloud and fire all through their wilderness wanderings. During this celebration Jesus had declared the second of His great “I AM” statements.

John 8:12 (NIV) I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.

There can be no physical life without the light of the sun, and no spiritual life without JESUS.

This was a claim to be both God and Messiah. The O.T. called both God and Messiah Light. He promised light for all of life to those who believed in Him. But instead of seriously considering Jesus’ claim, the Pharisees challenged and argued with Him for the rest of the Chapter. They were determined to not believe regardless of the evidence.

Their discussion ended with an attempt to stone Him. But Jesus slipped away from them and as He and His disciples went along they saw a blind man sitting there by the side of the road. Blindness is one of the most dreaded afflictions that can happen to a person. And this man had been born blind. He had never seen his parent’s faces, never seen a flower or tree, a river or mountain. Never seen any colors at all. He lived in constant unrelieved darkness. The only thing he could do was beg for a living.

Notice the difference in the way Jesus and His disciples viewed this man.

John 9:2

To the disciples this man was just the trigger for a theological discussion. There was no compassion, no expectation or even a request that Jesus heal him. Jesus had healed blind people before. One of the signs of the Messiah was that He would make the blind see. (Is. 35:5, 42:7) but all they could think of was a question with just two alternatives!

“Who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” (NIV)

There was a popular assumption that some sin before birth was responsible for congenital blindness. This idea came from pagan sources which believed in reincarnation. This man had sinned in another life. Their other suggestion was that this man had reaped the consequences of his parents’ sins. This of course is possible. (Venereal disease, drugs)

We can see from this that the idea that all sickness or affliction is the result of personal sin is not a new idea. We often believe or hear the same thing today. Jesus gave them an answer that can help us today in trying to sort out the reasons for the trials we may be going through.

John 9:3

Jesus did not mean that this man and his parents were sinless, but that the blindness was not a direct consequence of their personal sin. Really said, “This man is blind so that I might come and cure him and God might receive the glory.”

That is pretty heavy stuff. Think of all the years he had suffered in the darkness. For this moment!

Time does not mean to God what it does to us. If you and I could look at the suffering we are going through and say, ALord, you know all about this. You can change this situation immediately if you want to. But if not, all I ask is that my response and the outcome will bring glory to you. Let other people know that it is only Jesus who enables me to endure this day by day. What a difference that would make.

John 9:4-5

Day meant the time He had left on earth to finish the work God sent Him to do. Night was coming. His death and the time He would no longer be in the world. Now was the time for Him to do the miracles that proved He was the Messiah. He had said He was the Light of the world and now He would prove it.

John 9:6-7

Imagine the blind man. He did not know who Jesus was, had never seen him or heard his voice before. Suddenly he felt some wet heavy clay being placed over his eyes. And an authoritative but kind voice said to him, “Go, wash in the pool of Siloam.”

The pool was a good distance away. Jesus did not even tell him why He was sending him there, gave no promise of healing. Would he do it? The man got up and groped his way there with his eyes covered with mud. When he reached the pool he bent down and splashed water on his face. When he opened his eyes he could see for the first time in his lifeClight, color, beauty and human faces. Can you not see him running home, shouting for joy! But notice the reaction of his neighbors.

John 9:8-12

First they questioned his identity and he had to insist that he really was the blind beggar. Then they were just interested in the mechanics of his healing. There was no sharing his joy in being healed, just one question after another. But all he knew was that a man called Jesus had given him his sight. So they brought him to the Pharisees for further questioning.

John 9:14-16

Talk about missing the point! The only thing some of these Pharisees focused on was that Jesus had violated their Sabbath rules. They had added hundreds of restrictions defining work on the Sabbath. Making clay was forbidden. And healing someone was also forbidden unless their condition was life threatening. But they argued among themselves because some of the others had sense enough to reason that miracles like this could only be from God.

John 9:17

Even though this man was illiterate, he knew something about the Scriptures and he could think for himself. The Old Testament prophets performed miracles, so this man must be a prophet. This made sense to him. Notice the fact that he had not even seen Jesus yet, but his perception of him was gradually increasing. But the Pharisees were relentless in pursuing their investigation.

“Maybe we are dealing with a fraudulent healing here. Let us find out from the man’s parents if this really is their blind son, and no one else has been substituted for him.”

John 9:18-23

Notice the parent’s cautious answer. They knew only three things. Their son had been born blind, he now could see, and he was of age to speak for himself. They really did not know how he had been healed and they did not want to be excommunicated from the synagogue. They knew that was the predetermined penalty for believing that Jesus was the Messiah. This was a kangaroo court. Who would have ever thought that being healed from congenital blindness could cause so much trouble?

John 9:24-25

Put him under oath to tell the truth. “We know this man is a sinner.” (NIV)

But he was not going to be drawn into their argument. He knew one thing, “I was blind, but now I see.” He stuck to his guns. No one could obliterate the evidence or nullify his experience. All the theological discussions in the world could not erase the reality of what had happened to him. There is no argument that can win against a personal experience. That is why we must always share what Jesus Christ has done for us personally with others–not just give cold facts.

John 9:26-27

Now they provoked him to the point that he lost his fear of them and became sarcastic. This illiterate beggar had the nerve to challenge them, the strict keepers of the law, and actually imply that they would want to be Jesus’ disciples!

John 9:28-33

They were the authorities, unused to having their word questioned and here this ignorant nobody dared to stand up against their decision. But the former blind man’s logic was wonderful.

  1. Even they knew that God did not listen to sinners but to the godly.

  1. But no one had ever given sight to a man born blind.

No record in Old Testament of miracle like this.

  1. Therefore this man must be from God.

And you smart people cannot figure that out!

Nobody was going to tell him that this miracle was not from God. He did not care what these influential men with all of their degrees had decided. He was the one who had been blind and now he could see.

Sometimes we have to stand alone against rigid positions people take because of the way they interpret the Bible. We must stand firmly that the only way to God is through faith in Jesus Christ.

I remember when I was about 12 and my mother, sister and I moved to a new apartment. We had a landlady who believed you must worship on Saturday. One day after her efforts to convince us seemed to be getting nowhere, she told me, “You will never go to heaven unless you worship on Saturday.” But I knew she was not right. My mother had shown my sister and me the truth from the Bible and I was able to stand in the truth without doubting.

We must not believe that because something is legal that it is moral (abortion).

We have to help our children in school to realize that they do not have to believe in evolution, just because some scientists with a lot of degrees say that it is the way life came into being. The Bible says God created the world and everything in it.

The Bible says sex before or outside of marriage is wrong even if everyone else says it is OK. Teach them to stand for truth while young.

The Pharisees’ dishonesty, pride and hostility to Jesus were revealed by their response.

John 9:34

How could a person be “steeped in sin” at birth? These experts were sure that his blindness was for personal sin even before he was born. How dare he lecture the righteous! So they excommunicated him. He was cut off from fellowship with the community of his people. This was really serious!

Can you not see him as he started back home. He was mystified, angry and probably a little glum. The day had started with him in his usual place, blind and begging. Now he was penalized because he could see. He was alone. Even his parents had been wishy-washy instead of sharing his joy. Just did not make sense.

This should not surprise us. When we take a firm stand for Jesus Christ the results are not always trouble-free for us. You may not be given a promotion at work. You may be rejected by members of your family. You may lose some old friends. Your children may not be invited to some parties. You may have your good name slandered. Jesus warned that these things would happen.

Matthew 5:11-12

Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you. (NIV)

This man had received his physical sight instantly, and his spiritual sight was increasing gradually. He first called Jesus, “a man they call Jesus,A prophet, then a man from God, but He still did not know Him.

Now Jesus took the initiative again to bring him full spiritual sight. For the first time He actually saw Jesus.

John 9:35-38

Son of Man was a title for Messiah to the Jews. Daniel the prophet saw all men and nations worship Him. (Dan. 7:13-14) Jesus asked this man, “Do you personally believe in the Son of Man?”

His response was so open. “Tell me who He is so that I may believe.”

Jesus completely revealed His identity. “You have now seen Him; in fact, He is the one speaking with you.”

“Lord, I believe.” And he worshiped Him.

He now had both physical and spiritual sight. He had responded to light and was given more light until he could fully see. Rejected by religious leaders. Welcomed by Jesus.

John 9:39-41

This confrontation is explained by

John 3:16-21

What a great illustration this incident was. The blind man received his physical sight through the touch of Jesus. When he received further light he believed on the Lord Jesus as his Messiah and his spiritual eyes were also opened.

The Pharisees, on the other hand, claimed to have spiritual sight, but they rejected Jesus, the Light of the world, as their Messiah, so they were spiritually blind. They condemned themselves and remained in darkness.

God is very patient with ignorance. He gives further light. But He will not tolerate arrogance. They remained guilty before God because they claimed to have light while still in darkness. They claimed to be righteous when they were sinners. They rejected the true Light of the world.

Have you ever noticed how many false religions and self-development courses claim to have light? Light from the eastern religions, light from the mystics, light from within, light from the energy of the universe and on and on. This is because “Satan masquerades as an angel of light.” (2 Cor. 11:14)

How many followers would he get at the start if he really exposed himself as the prince of darkness? Do not fall for any of these seductive appeals. Light from any source other than Jesus Christ is darkness. He is the True Light that gives light to every man 1:9.

John 9:5

But He is not physically in the world now. Who is the light of the world now?

Matthew 5:14-16 (NIV) You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.

Do you see the responsibility that the Lord has placed on you and me? In our daily lives, at home, at work, at leisure, at hobbies, at church, whatever we do—we are to be light bearers. Christ’s light should shine through our words, attitudes, and actions. There is a distinguishable difference between light and darkness. Have you ever noticed how a very small light can overcome a very great darkness? You do not have to be a famous person reaching thousands to be light to the world. You have an area of influence, a place where others are in darkness, where you can shine as light. That is why we must have this as our goal.

John tells us something more in his first epistle.

1 John 1:5-7

In the days when light was given by oil lamps, the wicks had to be trimmed and the glass kept clean for the light to shine clearly. The same is true of us. What part of your life, your thought, attitudes, actions are in darkness? In God there is no darkness at all. When we hang on to favorite sins, we do not have fellowship with God or with other believers. We may say we do, but we are lying. Our light is not shining brightly. Our Father wants us to be in warm, close fellowship and He has provided for our cleansing from these sins that hurt us. The blood of Jesus Christ keeps on cleansing us from all sin. The Pharisees remained in darkness because they would not confess their blindness, their sin. Let us not let that happen to us.

Is there a particular sin that God has convicted you about? Will you confess and let Him cleanse you? Then as you carefully follow the Lord, you will see the impact you can have on others as His light shines through you to overcome the darkness of the world around you.

What does Jesus reveal about our heavenly Father in this story?

Our Father is omnipotent.

Our Father notices and cares for each individual.

Our Father has a purpose for our lives, even through suffering, that will bring Him glory.

Our Father takes the initiative to give us both physical and spiritual light.

Our Father can act in our behalf without a requestCthat He knows our needs.

Our Father is not limited by wrong human perceptions or bound by man-made rules about what He can or cannot do.

Our Father is patient with ignorance and intolerant of arrogance.

Jesus revealed that those who do not respond to His light condemn themselves to greater darkness.

Have you responded in faith to the Son of God as the only one who can guide you into the light you need for time and eternity?

God bless from

pray for Tina Miller, young mother, 32, three children, her husband Todd was shot today at an ATM, he survived, shot in the back for 50 dollars, he has a long recovery period. The perp was caught by a legally armed permit holder, as soon as he saw a man with a gun he literally threw his gun on the ground and fell down begging not to be shot. COWARD. Turns out he was only out of prison 6 days. Guess what for? Yep, you guessed it, the exact same thing.

Visited with Stephanie today, she says thanks for your prayers and asks for continued support. She is a very private person and sharing and asking for help in not really in her wheelhouse.

Remember those on our salvation prayer list.

Pray for Steve H, strength and encouragement.

Bill Warneke, pray he takes his medicine, it would help with 80% of his problems.

Pray for Pastor Paul K. health concerns and he’s really sad about seeing his mom 90+ years begin her decline into dementia.


May 28, 2019

the old pine box





 ROMANS 6:11 So you also must consider yourselves dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus.





HEB 6:12 …who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised.


1 PETER 5:10 And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.







God bless from

Pray for Sherrie J, has lived life as a high profile celebrity, well she has crashed and burned for the last time, all her contracts are cancelled. Pray for her salvation.

Pray for Steve P, motocross accident today, lost a spleen and has a concussion.

Remember Caliste and Stephanie, both fine Christian women, inoperable brain tumors, Caliste is dealing better with it than Stephanie.

Jeremy b, pray for his 9 year old son, just diagnosed with Leukemia.

Remember Bill Warneke, depression, degenerative disks in his neck and the beginnings of Parkinson’s.

Pray for Eli, Olivia’s month old son, he needs to gain more weight.

Pray for Steve H, strength, encouragement, a blessing.

Remember pastor Paul, I’m having lunch with him tomorrow, he’s a bit overwhelmed over his medical situation.


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  “You are made partakers of His resurrection, through the faith wrought in you by God, who raised Him from the dead” (Col 2:12).

  All true believers are gratefully aware that they are not going to hell, but few realize that they are already in heaven.

There is no question about there being a beautiful new position for the believer, but people limit it to its being theirs when they die. Scripture shows that it is ours now! People say, ‘You get to heaven when you die.’ No such thing. You have it now. It is not your death that entitles you to it, but the Lord Jesus’ death. There is not a single shadow that was between us and the Father, but the Lord Jesus has removed in His death.

The great work of the Lord Jesus was wrought on the Cross to bring us to the Father; His death and His Blood, His ascension and sitting on the Throne; all mean one thing—our being brought nigh to dwell in the Father’s presence. And with what object? That the Father may have us, to mature us, to work in us that which is well-pleasing in His sight. Let no one think that the entrance into the Holiest is the end; it is only the beginning. It brings us into the right position, in which the Father in His divine power can work out His will and purpose in us—conforming us to the image of His Son.

The Lord Jesus stood where I was, and now I stand where He is, and that is the only place I have before my Father. We may fail and grieve the Holy Spirit, but that is where we are set.

If there be progress upward there must be progress in my life down here; you cannot see the need for a change in your ways here until you are transformed by the influence of nearness to Him there. You thus gradually find things here are not suitable for the order and nature of the things which are so attractive to the renewed heart up there.

That’s a great way to gauge maturity, how attached is someone to their things or places.

  “Your life is hidden with Christ in God” (Col. 3:3).

God bless from

Pray for Stephen H, way overloaded

Prayer request from Shelly J, she is 29, single and want the Lord to bring the right man into her life.

Pray for Bill Warneke, chronic neck pain, chronic depression, and the beginnings of Parkinson’s.

Pray for Sharon W, low back pain and sciatica.

Ricky r, says thanks for all the praayers and praises God for his sobriety.

Olivia and Tim say thanks for the prayers, Eli, is doing well and putting on weight instead of losing it. Keep praying for this miracle baby.

Caliste and Stephanie are both struggling with the fact that the brain tumors were not surgically able to be removed. Keep them in prayer.

Salvation prayers for Norma and Rick Sr and Rick Jr, for Barbara D and Mona R.


May 7, 2019


  “Whom having not seen, ye love; in whom, though now ye see Him not, yet believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory” (1 Pet. 1:8).

  Although both faith and joy are included in ‘the fruit of the Spirit,’ joy can only flourish upon the foundation of faith. When faith is present and active, favorable circumstances are not necessary for joy; trials and tribulations cannot daunt it.

There are some Christians who seem to be afraid of enjoying all the rays of the Son of Righteousness. They are afraid of being too happy. Perhaps some of us have not really considered that ‘joy’ is itself a part of that fruit by which the Father is glorified. There is nothing to be gained by despondency. Doubts are not marks of humility; unbelief is really evidence of pride. And there is no cloud that so effectively shuts out the glad sunshine of our gracious Father’s face as the thick cloud of unbelief.

Although as to His circumstances the Lord Jesus was the Man of Sorrows and acquainted with grief, yet He had a joy always before His eyes. But we never find Him rejoicing in anything but the will of His Father. ‘I delight to do Thy will’ was His true testimony. So may we ‘rejoice in the Lord’ though all is dark around, with the joy of faith that sees the unseen and looks beyond the present and temporal to the eternal.

The Old Testament believer had joy for God’s gifts to him. God’s power made things here contribute to him. But the Christian’s joy is in heaven and springs from what the Father is to him there. He demands nothing from this world, but in the life of the Lord Jesus he contributes to it, of the grace that nourishes and comforts him outside it.

  “Blessed are the people that know the joyful sound; they shall walk, O Lord, in the light of Thy countenance. In thy Name shall they rejoice all the day” (Ps. 89:15, 16).

God bless from

Caliste Burt, brain surgery May 9th, 10-14 hours of surgery.

Stephanie Taylor, brain surgery some this month, Just like Caliste’s surgery, the surgeon cannot have done any surgery for 3 days, so they will call and say come in today or tomorrow and bang, just like that. Talk about not wanting to answer the phone.

Brad T, fine police officer, good Christian, on the force 22 years, just had his first shooting incident. He’s fine, but shook up, says he can’t believe how fast it unwound.

Pray for Timmy C, New York State Trooper, needs salvation, and this is a tale I hear to often, married a daughter of a multi-millionaire. State Troopers don’t make much, and you know how the hours go. So he just found out she has a secret bank account and has been stashing clothes and shoes at a girlfriends house. How did he find out? When pull the girlfriend over for speeding and his wife who was supposed to be home was in the car and she got out to yell at him and he didn’t even recognize her in her “clubbing” clothes. OUCH. By the way Timmy is my nephew. He’s a great guy.

Pray for Brad and Denise Thurman, 6 year old daughter diagnosed with Leukemia.

Count it all joy…….even when you don’t understand it, God puts us places we don’t understand but it’s all Part Of His Plan, His Perfect Plan.

onward Christian Soldiers

April 25, 2019

black steel helmet near black and gray handle sword

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  “I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus, my Lord” (Phil. 3:8).

  Truth is acquired in fellowship with His Word; truth is shared in fellowship with His heart.

All our trials in service only serve to lead us to know the Father, as we could not know Him otherwise, as ‘the Father of mercies, and the God of all consolation’ (2 Cor. 1:3). It is in this school that we acquire the ability to comfort others; so that our personal affliction or personal comfort work unto the same end, even the profit of others—for we are their servants for Jesus’ sake.

A preparedness is necessary for the Christian soldier who hears his Lord’s words. We have to learn that human energy cannot cross rivers of death, or break down walls of this world’s strongholds; and if we be aroused to follow the Lord, it must be in His own way. Impulse is not faith. Going forward in the mere strength of humanity—acquired knowledge of God’s truth—is not being led of the Spirit.

The Father would not have His people act in the excitement of freshly-gained knowledge, and well would it often be, if instead of pushing on in the impulse of newly-acquired truth, there were first a tarrying, as it were, three days, to digest it, to make it, by the power of God’s Spirit, thoroughly part of the new man.

  “Seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God” (Col. 3:1).

God bless from

Renewed prayers for Calsite Burt, there has to be additional brain surgery, no set date yet.

Haven’t heard from Olivia yet, so we don’t know about her and the baby, we are hoping her submariner husband has been hom.

Stephanie Taylor, still no date for surgery, she has been postponed as well.

Pray for Bill Warneke, chronic neck pain and depression.

Keep me in prayer, still job hunting and my neck pain has gotten worse lately, probably due to all the rain. I remember laughing at my grandmother when she complained about her neck pain hurting when it rained, or the car window was down. Payback is a _______

silhouette and grayscale photography of man standing under the rain

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“I determine not to know anything among you save Jesus Christ and Him crucified “ (1 Cor. 2:2).

The harvest can be no better than the sowing and cultivating. The burden over the need of others develops our hunger of heart to be a “vessel unto honor, sanctified, and meet for the Master’s use, and prepared unto every good work” (2 Tim. 2:21).

 It is a universal law that everything possessing productive power brings forth ‘after its kind.’ This is no less true in sharing. ‘Religious ministry may be psychic, orthodox, heretical, social, humanitarian, educational, political, or spiritual. In each case it produces results ‘after its kind.’ But are outward ‘results’ (as such) the main objective of evangelism? God forbid! By those initiated in the art, ‘results’ of a kind can be easily and cheaply produced. But the true end of evangelism is the establishment of the Lord Jesus’ sovereignty in hearts. This is the work of the Holy Spirit, and it cannot be measured by statistics.

How much there is that is called spiritual that is but flesh! How many of the Lord’s people are seeking to touch the living God and fail to find Him and to satisfy their heart-hunger for true fellowship with Him. Theoretically we believe in His presence, but we find only a mere stirring of emotions. We are told of the Spirit’s power, but we only see results produced by showmanship, oratory, and emotionalism. We are counseled to depend upon the Spirit, but in practice dependence is really only on human wisdom, ability, personality and programs. Yet for a few there is buried deep inside a genuine desire to touch the living God.

“‘Ten thousand tutors! Not many fathers!’ How true it is today! Many teachers, but not many willing to suffer, and to bear others on their hearts, until they are borne through their babyhood stage to maturity.”

“Preach the Gospel: not with words of wisdom, lest the Cross of Christ be made of none effect” (1 Cor. 1:17).

God bless from

Pray for Otis Jenkins, came to Jesus today, because of street preaching, heard the 10 commandments being read and literally fell to his knees on the sidewalk and saved right there.

Remember Lily B, 78 and just lost her husband and her mother all in one week. A strong Christian woman.

Remember Caliste, less than 2 weeks till her brain surgery. Remember to pray for the surgeon as well

Pray for Fred Rood, goes to the doctor Monday for test results.

Remember Melvin M, admitted his addictions today and praying for deliverance.

Olivia, pray she carries to full term and her and the baby will both be healthy and fine.

Marilyn A, depression

Bill Warneke, chronic pain, chronic depression and downright crankiness.

Barbara D, salvation.

Mona R, salvation.

Steve H, a hunt for a great pastor


March 8, 2019

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In 1535, Martin Luther’s barber and friend asked for advice on prayer. Luther responded by writing a letter in which he described his own personal practice of prayer. In this little work, the reformer explains to his friend how to close a prayer:

  Do not leave from your prayers unless you have then said or thought: “Well then, this prayer has been heard by God. I know this for certain and for true.” That is what Amen means.

  The word amen makes its first appearance in the Bible in Numbers 5:22. When a husband accused his wife of adultery but she protested her innocence and had not been caught in the act, the matter was settled according to the test of bitter water (see Nu 5:12–31). During the ceremony, when the priest pronounced the curse, the woman was required by God to say, “Amen. So be it” (v. 22). In the term’s first use in Scripture, God commands it to be said by a person who is yielding to his examination.

 When you finish your prayer with “Amen” you are saying, “Yes, Lord, let it be so. According to your will, may it be.” It’s a final note of confirmation at the end of our prayers.

 We should also remember that in saying “amen” we are adding a comma, not a period to the end of our prayers. As long as we have breath we can pray continually, offering up our desires unto God, for what is agreeable to his will. Each prayer is but a single page added to the individual book of our prayers.

The spiritual discipline of prayer helps us to conform our spiritual life so that each prayer becomes a variation on the theme, “Not my will, but yours be done,” and each amen bears witness to our desire for God’s purposes to be done.

God bless from

Remember Steve H and the hunt for a great pastor.

Pray for Robbie S, without any medical help, no shots, or hormones, she has beaten the odds and become pregnant, something her doctors said was impossible, her husband Bob, is still grinning.

Caliste is doing so much better and getting supercharged to face the next surgery. This is a very brave woman that loves the Lord.

Keep praying for Olivia, carrying to full term (April)

Bill W, chronic pain and depression.

Steve G, salvation.

Tim G (no relation) salvation

Barbara D, salvation

Mona R, salvation.

Xonia, salvation.

David P, Christian, but dealing for some deep struggles


February 27, 2019

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“Walk in (dependence upon) the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh” (Gal. 5:16).

That which we most dread—weakness and failure—are the very means by which our Father turns us from self-reliance to full dependence upon the Holy Spirit.

Walking in dependence upon the Holy Spirit leads us upwards in our hearts to where we are in the Lord Jesus. The new man finds delight in Him, and nowhere else. The Spirit is the living link between us and the Son in glory. He causes us to gaze upon Him, and we become changed into the same image, from glory to glory. This is true Christianity—the heart drawn off the earthly, carnal distractions here, and more completely occupied with the One who is our Christian life.

As the believer grows, and his path becomes more involved, he is taught more about the Holy Spirit’s ministry, for he needs this doctrine increasingly for his comfort and rest in trial. His faith is not so strong and unwavering as he imagined; the ardor of his love soon vanishes; the power of sin, which at first he fancied was utterly broken, makes itself felt again, prayer becomes languid, and joy seems to have taken flight.

In other words, the Father leads him into the valley, and lest he should make an idol of his faith, and a well-spring of a cistern, he is taught something of himself. Who does not know of this second stage of the Christian life, at first so painful, so humiliating, and filling the soul with perplexity? It is thus that we learn that the Spirit who has renewed our spirit must also sustain our new life; that we depend entirely on divine grace and strength, not merely to bring us to the Lord Jesus, but to keep us abiding in Him where He is.

“Kept by the power of God through faith” (1 Peter 1:5).

God bless from

Pray for Barbara D salvation.

Pray for Bob L, fractured his hip falling off his tractor

Caliste is home resting and the doctors are consulting with surgeons from around the world to see if there is a way to do the surgery on the 3rd and final brain tumor.

Pray for Dave I, recovering for cancer surgery

Pray for Steve H, and the hunt for a great pastor

Pray for Larry, prostate cancer, and he really waited to long

Remember Bill Warneke, chronic pain and depression

Pray for Cherry P, she has had a rough week and sorely tempted, but she calls and asks for prayer or a visit. (update; I’m so thankful when a new Christian is willing to be held accountable and knows when to ask for help).

Thank you for all the prayers, today was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time.

What, Me Worry?

February 25, 2019

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Matthew 6:25

Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?

In this passage Jesus strikes at the tendency to center our lives around food and clothing, thus missing life’s real meaning. The problem is not so much what we eat and wear today, but what we shall eat and wear ten, twenty, or thirty years from now. Such worry about the future is sin because it denies the love, wisdom, and power of God. It denies the love of God by implying that He doesn’t care for us. It denies His wisdom by implying that He doesn’t know what He is doing. And it denies His power by implying that He isn’t able to provide for our needs.

‎This type of worry causes us to devote our finest energies to making sure we will have enough to live on. Then before we know it, our lives have passed, and we have missed the central purpose for which we were made. God did not create us in His image with no higher destiny than that we should consume food. We are here to love, worship, and serve Him and to represent His interests on earth. Our bodies are intended to be our servants, not our masters

God bless and stay focused on what’s important this week, He will provide.

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Caliste Burt is home resting and the doctors are still strategizing.

Pray for Barbara d, salvation

Pray for Olivia, that she will carry to full term (in April)

Remember Dave I and his battle with cancer.

Pray for Bill Warneke, chronic neck pain and deep depression.

Pray for William S, his wife of 6 years, just up and left. She called today and said she has AIDS from drug use and William is wondering who is this woman. And he will go in tomorrow for testing.

Pray for Bobbie Y, a recently new believer, she has a chance for a huge job promotion but doesn’t want to leave the church and her church family, she has to give an answer tomorrow.

Remember Steve H and the hunt for a great pastor.

Remember me in prayer, the mass in my chest isn’t growing, but it’s not going away. the pain has been moderate today. If I stay busy I can ignore it.