It always happens in 3’s I don’t why that is, but seems like each church that seems to be the average

What am I talking about? Obsessed women in the church, women who need help and healing, but not by seducing you.

This is for all you pastors out there that say it will never happen to me. You’re just the one I’m worried about. If you are not on guard you will fall into a trap.

Authority, spirituality, unavailability, (married) a successful church. You solve problems, your sensitive, caring, you listen. All the good qualities of a pastor. And women or men will try to seduce you. Sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes it’s like a Mack truck.

One women stalked me for months, sat in my driveway, told my wife “God meant for her to have me” and that she (my wife would pass soon) but not to worry as she “would take good care of me.”

One young college girl must have practiced having her clothes fall off at just one pull. There she was in my office naked as when she was born. My wife was just one office down. I called out her for her to come here. In walks my wife, sees this beautiful, naked girl in my office. My wife picks up her clothes, turns her around and takes her in her office. 15 minutes in walks the young girl with my wife and she can’t apologize enough.

She stayed in church, got counseling (not by me) and 2 years later I performed her marriage to a great guy in our church.

Another woman would come out of the service while I was shaking hands after the service and “faint” when she walked by me. I was supposed to catch her and be overcome by her beauty or whatever. I stated keeping a squirt gun in my pocket. It actually took two Sunday’s for her to get the message.

Timing, the devil always knows when you’ve had a fight with your spouse, that’s the day some woman will come calling.

And then there was the one time a young man I was mentoring told me he loved me. I told him he needed to get a woman. Strangely enough he did and they’ve been married 33 years and have 3 kids, (none named after me).

All shapes, all sizes, all ages. Once a had a lady 35 years older than me said I was to be her last fling.

That why I designed my office, so you could always see me, no accusations.

Oh, and just to know, what you look like has no bearing on it. It’s just the position.

So stay sharp, true to you spouse, avoid traps, don’t visit a woman at home unless someone else is with you. If you have to drive anyone home, have them ride in the back seat. And if possible always have someone with you. When I counsel now they have to sign a consent form and everything is audio taped.

Temptation comes in many forms and at any time.

God bless from

Pray for Cristina, she has to make a job decision

Pray for Terri, a mature Christian woman that needs to practice forgiveness.


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